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Professional auto detailing services

Serving Fort Wayne, Northeast Indiana, and beyond.

DreamMakers Automotive is all about making your car as clean and beautiful as possible. We provide the best Fort Wayne detailing services, and you can bet that we’ll make the car beautiful again. All you have to do is enjoy it!

We want to help you make your car look as new and clean as possible. DreamMakers Automotive offers a number of detailing services right here in Fort Wayne including everything from standard interior, exterior and engine detailing, to full paint correction and ceramic coatings and sealants to give your car unmatched shine and gloss along with valuable protection of all surfaces. Minor body damage? We can fix that too! Curb rash or blemished wheels? Got it covered! Faded plastic and rubber trim? Let us restore it to look new again! Tears in upholstery? Damage to plastic? Worn out leather? We can fix or replace it all! Don’t forget about window tint and clear bra too!! We also offer a full line of do it yourself detail products from several of the detail world’s top suppliers, including Sonax, Adam’s Polishes, Chemical Guys, and Griot’s Garage.

The Fort Wayne based DreamMakers Automotive detailing crew will hand wash and dry any vehicle, using a delicate yet effective car wash shampoo, paired with a non-acidic bug remover, along with an all-purpose cleaner on the rubber tires and inside the wheel wells. Wheels/rims are cleaned using a highly effective iron/brake dust removing cleaner, bringing the wheels back to their original state. Vehicles are dried using an electrically heated, high pressure air dryer, and extra soft microfiber drying towels, used in a pat method technique to avoid swirls and scratches. For an additional fee, tire shine can be applied, engine bays can be cleaned and degreased, and a quick interior vacuum can be performed. Each of those items is al-a-cart, and can be added respectively. If you are looking for only the services mentioned here, please call at least 2 hours in advance to ensure a quick turn around time. We would be glad to properly wash your vehicles for you as much as you’d like!

First, your car is hand washed and dried by the best detailing crew that Northeast Indiana has to offer. A clay bar is used on painted surfaces to remove harmful contamination not removed from basic washing, such as tree sap, tar, baked on bugs, brake dust, industrial fallout, etc… Tires and wheels are cleaned, including inside the barrels of the wheels, cleaning all contamination and previous tire shine from rubber tires, removing contaminates from wheel wells, including dirt, tar, road paint, etc.. White walls and lettering are also cleaned and brought back to an original white color. Paint is polished using a dual action buffer, applying a one-step mixture of compound, polish, and wax, removing minor blemishes and swirls and adding protection. Note, this is not the same procedure as a full paint correction. Tires and wheel wells are dressed and shined for added protection and appearance. Exterior windows are cleaned and freed of all streaks and haze. All chrome accents and wheels/rims are polished and shined to perfection. Convertible tops are also cleaned, treated, and protected against the elements. For an additional cost, engine components and the engine bay can be de-greased and safely pressure washed, and dressed for that extra clean look.

In addition to the basic exterior detailing from our excellent Fort Wayne detailing artists, a two-step paint correction is a procedure that removes nearly all scratches and swirls from your vehicle. A DreamMakers Fort Wayne detailing artist will go around the entire painted surfaces of your vehicle, once with a professional compound to remove deep scratching, water spots, etching, car wash swirls/scratches, and other blemishes, and a second time with a fine machine polish to restore and rejuvenate the corrected surface, bringing it back to a brilliant shine and luster. This process would replace the one-step procedure included in the basic exterior cleaning package
Ceramic coatings are the latest and greatest technology to come out to the detailing world in terms of paint protection/restoration. Applied similarly to a wax, ceramic coatings protect your vehicle’s exterior from all of the harshest elements, including the sun, rain, bugs, tar, etching, etc…Where normal wax may absorb these elements, or provide a thin layer of protection, coatings provide maximum durability and heavy duty protection. They also decrease the time it takes to wash and maintain your vehicle, and repel swirls and scratches often caused from every day wear and tear. There are many different products available, lasting anywhere from 6 months to up to 3 years, depending on which product you wish to be applied. Prices for each product and application vary. Coatings are also available for wheels, and windows and exterior trim. Check out our Micro-Seal tab for more information on long term protection available for your vehicle’s interior!

Includes a vigorous carpet/upholstery shampooing and sanitizing, along with stain removal, plastic/leather de-greasing and odor removal of all surfaces, nooks, and crannies. Followed by plastic and rubber protection using a non-greasy dressing, a delicate leather conditioning and protectant on any seats and leather trim pieces, and fabric protection on all upholstery, including carpet and mats. Full window cleaning and streak removal is also performed, door jambs are cleaned and conditioned, and the painted surfaces of jambs are dressed and protected. These are the best Fort Wayne detailing services you can get on your interior!

Micro-seal is a lifetime guaranteed interior fabric protectant. Certified by Boeing and applied by a professionally trained micro-seal technician, contracted by the detailing crew at DreamMakers Automotive, Micro-Seal is a product designed to completely protect all upholstered surfaces on the interior of your vehicle. Micro-seal is applied after the detail crew has performed and completed a thorough detail of your vehicle’s inside. Once applied, the product requires just a few hours to settle and cure in, before being returned back to your control. Micro-seal works as a complete barrier, sinking deep into your fabric’s fibers, coating each and every fiber along with the base of the material, providing a nearly invincible surface, capable of repelling spills and stains from almost anything life throws at it. This product is not the same fabric protectant mentioned in some of DreamMakers Automotive’s other Fort Wayne detailing services. This service is separate, and is only available to customers that have purchased a minimum of an interior detailing package. Prices vary based on vehicle type and size.

Looking for Fort Wayne Wheel Repair services? Have a wheel or rim that received some unfortunate curb rash or damage? Have clear coat peeling off of the wheel, or paint chips or flaking on painted wheels? 9 times out of 10, we can fix it! We use several local companies, that specialize in wheel refinishing, wheel painting, and wheel straightening, and are charged a flat rate on a per vehicle basis. Just as the body work is done here in house as you will see in the next section, so are most of the wheel refinishing services, saving you valuable time and money.

DreamMakers Automotive uses the area’s finest body shop and dent technicians to contract our body work out. In order to make it the best deal possible for the consumer, we attain several different quotes from different trusted technicians. More often than not, the work can be done here in the shop, and can be done at the same time as a detail is being performed, all to save you precious time and money. Our paint touch-up and paintless dent removal technicians are the best in the region, and are also contracted to perform jobs here.

Sometimes, your interior is susceptible to just as much damage and wear and tear as your exterior. Nothing is more frustrating than causing tears, scrapes, cuts, holes and burns in your otherwise perfect car! Repairs to leather, plastic and vinyl are all possible here at Dream Makers, and are usually fairly cost effective as well. This includes damage to plastic trim on door panels, dashboards and consoles. Steering wheels often receive the brunt of a lot of this damage, and thankfully, the detail crew here at DreamMakers can fix or restore your steering wheel to get it back to new! Upholstery repairs and replacement is also a service we offer here in the detail shop. Everything from individual panel replacements to complete vehicle replacement upholstery kits are all available! Re-dye of leather seats to color match and restoration of worn and faded leather is easily done here. And just like most of our services here in the dealership, they are not only available for cars! Motorcycle seats and marine craft fall under all of the above services too!

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Detailing Testimonials

I once again brought my 2007 Ford Mustang GT in for the 30,000 mile checkup and to get the out side cleaned... They all did an amazing job plus they took the small dent out of the passenger side door.. The only thing that they didn't take care of is when I got the quote on prices I told them about my chipped paint on a couple of spots plus my quarter panel on my driver side is not properly flush with the rest of the car, but out of fairness I could've wrote it down or they forgot, either way it doesn't matter I plan on taking my car back in the future hopefully before I store it in the winter to get the Headlight's changed to HED then I can take care of the rest of the paint stuff... Plus if I knew how to drive a manual I would've bought the BOSS 302 Mustang you have in stock... THANKS for the great service......
Sean Smith
Took yet ANOTHER of my cars to Mike Myers to be tinted. He is amazing .. I have referred many and will continue to do so. I already have my next car lined up with Mike to get tinted!!
Kerry French
I've had cosmetic work and tinting done to multiple vehicles at Dream Makers. Each and every time they go above my expectations and do a phenomenal job. Customer service at Dream Makers is also far beyond excellent. I will continue to take my vehicles to them for anything in the future.
John Nagel
I had a Great Experience today at Dream Makers! I went in for some window tint and left extremely happy with the process and Michael the window tint specialist. He is great! Dream Makers also has some of the most efficient service departments I have seen!! Also John and Nick M. are a blast to chat with, I highly recommend this place for anyone interested in buying a car or wanting service work & window tint, Dream Makers is the only place to call! Brian R.
Brian R
I just got my windows tinted today and they turned out great! It took them no time to tint the entire car plus the tint also has a lifetime warranty. I would definitely recommend Dream Makers to everyone.
Bradley Gieseking
In one word - Outstanding! I had my car windows tinted here a couple of weeks ago, came in today to have the car washed and have the window tint checked out. The quality of the work is perfection and their staff is very attentive. The Ceramic Based tint is a little more expensive but having had different tint in my prior car and having Ceramic Tint on this one the difference in heat blocking is incredible. My new car is bigger and has more window area than my old car yet it is staying cool inside on days where my old car would have been an oven. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to anyone.
Carlos Felix
Got the Highlander back today. Had the interior and exterior done by Nick McQueen's detailing team and windows tinted by Michael Myers. First class all the way! Nobody compares to what these guys can do.
Mark Tempel
Took a car in to get the windows tinted by Michael Myers. He did an outstanding job as always. He has tinted numerous vehicles for me and has always done a great job!! Best window tinter in Indiana by far!! I will definitely keep bringing vehicles to him and referring friends, (and strangers for that matter) to him without a doubt!!!
Keith Vredenburg
Excellent group of guys. Great tinting work from Mike, did both of my vehicles in no time. Everyone was very professional and friendly. Highly recommended!
On my very first visit, the Dream Makers team made a believer out of me. Fast, friendly service combined with quality products and a highly experienced staff were easily equaled by the satisfaction I got from the new tint they did on my truck! As soon as I arrived, Nick the service manager greeted me warmly and provided additional information about their organization and the other products and services they offer. The service techs were very friendly and expressed a genuine interest and enthusiasm in the projects they were working on in the shop that day. This enthusiasm made a great impression on me. They were clearly interested in satisfying the customers who weren't even there at the moment which made me feel my vehicle was in good hands, and indeed it was. Mike M in the tint shop, was very conscientious when working with my vehicle. He listened to my questions up front and cleared up any initial concerns I had. In what seemed like no time at all, my truck was back out in the sun looking fantastic while I was keeping cool inside it! I'll definitely recommend this team to my friends and I plan to be back in sometime to check out some other services they offer in the future!
Renegade Lover
Mike Myers @ Dream Makers tinted the windows on my BMW 335ix and they came out perfect, not to mention it was done in about half the time they estimated it would take! We absolutely love it! The car looked good before and now she is just plain HOT! Everyone has been complimenting the difference the tint made. Cannot remember all the names of everyone there at Dream Makers but they were great about making us feel at home, offering TV for my son to watch, and just treating us like one of the family. Will definitely be doing more business with them in the future!
Heather Bradin
I got my GTO tinted today and it looks GREAT!! Shout to Michael Myers, he's the best tinter of Fort Wayne.
Brady Macy
Dreammakers IS the BEST ! I found and bought " My Dream Car " at Dreammakers 6-months ago a 2001 Corvette. It was and is in Immaculate shape and I got a "Great Deal" and was treated great, with respect & Kindness !! ALL the guys at Dreammakers ARE the ultimate Professionals. More recently, ( 3 Aug. 2015 ) I was having Transmission problems with my Vette so, I gave Dreammakers a call. I was told by " Friends " that more than likely I would be paying hundreds if not Thousands for Transmission repairs. I called and talked to Nate on a Fri. Took my car in on Monday and Had it back by Tues afternoon. My bill was UNDER a $ 100.00 WOW, I AM ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER. Dreammakers STAND BY YOU with " HONEST " service !! THANK YOU For your Dream car WITH Awesome, Honest, Professional service GO TO DREAMMAKERS !! Respectfully, Mr. Michael W. Bebout
Michael W. Bebout
Excellent, beyond expectation. These guys did what the old experienced guys at a dealership said was impossible to do and got it done within a few hours.
Nicholas Neireiter
I just want to say that from the moment I walked through the door my experience was great. Nick and his team did a fantastic job on my tint. They went above and beyond to make my car look amazing. This is the third car we have had done here and we recommend them to everyone. You guys are the best.
The staff at Dream Makers Automotive is simply amazing! They handled the sale of my Tesla Model S with no glitches as I was looking to upgrade from my 85 KW version to the P85D. I would highly recommend Dream Makers Automotive to anyone who wants a no hassle, quick sale for a fair price. After I took delivery of my P85D, the detailing team here did a stellar job of putting on the clear glass coat finish and clear-bra protector. I now bring my P85D regularly here for a quick wash at a very reasonable price after the paint protection job was completed. While I wait for the wash to complete, I have the opportunity to drool over the inventory in the show room!
Dr. Ashok Kadambi
My brother in law recommended this company to me and they did an amazing job! Not only were they super nice, they bent backwards to accommodate my work schedule!! I have referred them to many of my family and friends!! Thanks again!! Maddie
Maddie Leffers
These people go out of their way to make your dreams come true. I own a 2004 Honda S2000. When I took my car in there to have it detailed and paint correction done, the car had a white look to the black paint. Two days later I could not believe the car was so bright black it was hard to believe it was the same car. If you want your car or motorcycle to look better than it did new take it to these great guys and they will make it look better then it did new. I am 100% happy with their work.
Lenny Mountz
Service was great, my car was very dirty when I bought it, after I picked up my car from getting detailed, it looked 300 times better than what it was. I would recommend this place to anyone for car servicing
Austin Steele
Many services to choose from, was extremely pleased with the window tinting I had done.They did a perfect job and offer top quality tint options. I chose to have my jeep ceramic tinted; looks awesome. Looks so much better than the other tint I had done from another business here in town in one of my other vehicles.Very professional people to work with and very accommodating to my hectic schedule.Would recommend anyone to bring their vehicle here for great service and quality work.Thanks again! Very pleased!
Sarah Kocher
Took my Charger to Dream Makers for a complete detailing and was treated like I had brought them a Ferrari. The staff was friendly and informative. When I got my vehicle back after the detailing it was beautiful inside and out. They also refinished my rims for me and they too were flawless. It is money well spent if you take your vehicle there for anything. Will definitely be going back in the future.
KC Shank
My name is Joel Heard. I recently had window tint installed on my vehicle by tint specialist Michael Myers. The service was great and quality of work was even better. Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere add to my experience. I will be doing a lot more business with Dream Makers Automotive.
Joel Heard
I've had DMA, do many things to 3 vehicles of mine, repairs, window tint, detailing, and performance upgrades etc. Dream makers automotive is by far the best around! See them for all of your automotive needs, one stop shop!
Derek Bakle
Great customer service! I went to Dream Makers just to get some tint on my windows. Michael Myers was a great tint tech, great job on his part. Very professional staff. I will be recommending them to all friends and family!
Alicia Hyde
I got Micro-Seal Interior Fabric Protectant, Synthetic Glass Coating, custom vinyl, spoiler installation, and paint correction. Prices are great and the people are fantastic. They always make sure that you get exactly what you want.
Toney Watkins
Wow is all I can say. I took my Corvette in for some performance upgrades and a detail. When I got the car back it looks, sounds and drives like a new car. Nate really took care of everything and made sure I was updated the whole time they had my car. If you are looking for any upgrades or just the best car detail in town, call Dream Makers!!!
Kris Cossairt
Nick and the guys at Dream Makers made my new SL even better. The clear bra and the ceramic coating really makes my car shine. Thanks to all.
Frank Lewis
Dream Makers has my E55 AMG looking as if it just was sold new; thank you!
Doug Ralston
A highly motivated and energetic staff gets the job DONE!!! Thanks again!!
John Maxwell
Super impressed with the level of excellence in the job done on my truck! Looks like a dream! :)
Mike Conner
Great job on my tint, looks amazing
Jeff Koehler
So impressed with their work! And the staff is amazing!!
Kala Rae Short
Did an excellent job on my tint, very friendly and professional!! Highly recommended!!
Holly Pepple Moloney
Great customer service!!! Great focus on quality work! Great place!!! Will definitely be back.
David Tolliver
Not sure how I've never heard of Dream Makers, but I will definitely be back for more business and will be recommending you to friends!
Jason Boyles
I need to give a quick shout out to Nick McQueen and the guys here. They made my car look new again and the turnaround time was amazing. Super easy to deal with and they went above and beyond. I will definitely be coming back and referring all of my friends.
Chris Steele
I have had two cars detailed and glass-coated at Dream Makers Automotive and I was amazed at the restoration of each of them. I had a new truck and an '06 camry. The Camry had not been given much TLC as far as washing/waxing. Therefore, it looked flat and felt rough. After these guys got done with it, the thing looked new! The engine compartment, the interior, the glistening of the paint job....it looked NEW!! I was concerned b/c of the clientele that they attract with quarter million dollar cars, but they treated me like I was a VIP as well. I received a tour of the place and got to watch a bit as they worked on my car. Dream Makers has definitely earned my business and I am VERY particular with who I deal with. They are top notch! Thanks guys! You KNOW I'll be back!
Jason Young
We recently had our windows tinted on our 14 civic here. The service was great and their staff was professional.
Jessica Salas
Dream Makers detailed my car and tinted my windows! I just want to say that you have a beautiful showroom and outstanding quality in customer service! I will be returning in the near future for more quality service and products! Thanks Dream Makers!
Abbi Schmucker
Dream Makers Automotive has done all the maintenance on my vehicles. Whether I'm getting them glass coated, performance mods installed, or just getting the oil changed, Dream Makers can do it all! I have been impressed with both the professionalism as well as the quality of work that has been completed by the entire staff. The attention to detail is impressive! I'm so glad we have a business like this in Ft. Wayne, IN to take my cars to. THANK YOU to everyone at Dream Makers Automotive for such a wonderful experience.
Chris Miller
I recently took my 2010 Taurus SHO into Dream Makers to ask about paint correction. I spoke with Jared and he gave me quote and explained the process. I was a little reluctant becuase of the caliber of cars that Dream Makers is associated with. Jared treated me as if I had a Lambo. I just picked my car up from a week long detail and paint correction and it looks amazing!!! Inside and out the covered every detail and ensured my vehicle was spotless.
Joshua Butler
Just wanted to say as a start up detailer, I visited your booth at the auburn auction and your employees were amazing in helping me out with questions about detailing. They truly are a class act! Thank you guys for all of your help and continued support for us small guys!
Ben Y.
Super impressed with the level of excellence in the detail job done on my truck! Looks like a dream!
Mike C.
Wonderful detail shop!! My car looks like it did the first day I drove it off the lot!!!
Cara G.
I'm so happy and impressed with the work, that I can't stop talking about it! I even tried to find a single mistake, but couldn't find one blemish.
Andy H.
I stopped in yesterday to get some detailing supplies and Jared helped me in choosing which supplies were best for my vehicle! They have top of the line products for very reasonable prices and their work is absolutely amazing! Great customer service with great prices, you can’t ask for much more than that!
Trevor G.
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