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Clear Bra paint protection film to enhance and protect your vehicle!

Clear Bra paint protection film will help to ensure that your vehicles most heavily abused areas look new for years to come! Our team of professionals use only the best PPF on the market to ensure your vehicle is protected!

Clear Bra/Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Using one of the world’s top PPF manufacturers, we have the capability of installing paint protection film on all of your vehicle’s most heavily abused surfaces, such as front and rear bumpers, rocker panels, a-pillars, headlights, door-cups, the front section of the hood, the front section of the roof, and the front section of the fenders. Whole car clear bra installation is also possible depending on vehicle type. These clear bra kits are computer cut right here in our dealership using our top of the line, 72 inch plotter, ensuring a perfect cut on all pieces to fit your individual vehicle just right. This also enables us to provide you with an extremely quick turn around time during your whole experience. This film is the same film we install on our high end exotic and muscle cars, and can also provide wonderful protection on your daily driver or luxury car as well! They will not yellow or peel over time, and provide nearly invisible protection. In fact, our products are backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty, ensuring your vehicle will continue looking its best! The best and most ideal time to have clear bra installed on your vehicle is when it is brand new. This provides maximum protection to your vehicle to keep it looking great for life. Used cars and even cars with some normal wear and tear damage already can still significantly benefit from a PPF installation. While considered a solid investment by most standards, most of our customers are surprised at the overall cost benefit of clear bra installation, and how relatively cost effective it is to protect your vehicle for the long term. While not an absolute necessity, we usually require a paint correction in some form prior to PPF application, ensuring a perfectly clean surface with the highest level of glossy look available. CLICK HERE for a video to learn more about Paint Protection Film from SunTek, and all of its benefits! CLICK HERE to visit SunTek’s Website for more detailed information.

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