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Another Happy Customer!

Jason Parent purchased his 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 from us here at Dream Makers Automotive in the summer of 2014. Dream Makers Automotive has a unique and awesome agreement set up with the crew over at Putnam Park Road Course in Indianapolis. Certain cars purchased through us are eligible for a free track day down at the raceway, courtesy of a combined effort between the raceway, and DMA.


The Track Day:

On Thursday, April 30th, our Service Manager, Nate Corwin helped create the experience of a lifetime for Mr. Parent and his Z-28 by taking him down to the Putnam Park Road Course for his private, free track day! Nate and the DMA crew loaded up the stunning all black Z-28 on the night prior, making sure they had everything they would need for a flawless track day. Jason and Nate met here at DMA at 6

When Jimmy Arata, a member of the Central Indiana Region Porsche Club of America contacted Jared Lencke, the Marketing and Events Manager at Dream Makers Automotive about hosting a unique and different event from the everyday norm for the local Porsche Club, the two knew right away that the event would certainly be a good one!


The Goal

Jimmy wanted to plan an event that discussed a hot topic issue among current Porsche owners. The infamous IMS bearing! After talking with Jared, the two decided that planning a Saturday morning breakfast, and tech session to discuss the bearing would be the best way to go. Even though the Porsche Club has had multiple breakfasts and related events, Jimmy and Jared knew that this event would and had to be different. With everything that Dream Makers Automotive has to offer, like an incredibly knowledgeable Service and Performance team, a location

When Guy Dumato bought his brand new 2014 c7 Corvette Stingray z51, he instantly knew where to take it to make it stand out from the rest!  Guy has been an avid and happy customer of Dream Makers Automotive for some time now. He knew that bringing his new baby here would not only make his car stand out more, but would also be another fantastic experience among all departments here at the dealership!

Before the Dream Makers experience (above)


The Plan

Guy knew that when it comes to Corvettes, and GM vehicles in general, there is no one better to take it to than our Service Manager, Nate Corwin. Nate has many years of knowledge and expertise when it comes to building, customizing and modifying GM vehicles.

Before the Dream Makers experience (above)

After talking with Nate,

Back in January of 2015, Justin Timming of Austin, Texas had posted on a Corvette forum that he was looking to trade his Lamborghini Gallardo for a Corvette. At that time, we had about 3-4 Corvettes in our inventory here at DMA. Nate Corwin, our Service Manager, reached out to him to give him the leads on our inventory. After talking about our 2 ZR1’s and also our Camaro Z28, the sales team, along with Nate’s help were eventually able to come to terms on the purchase of our 2013 Viper SRT10.  Being a previous Viper owner and currently owning a Dodge SRT10 Ram, adding the new Viper seemed to fit his needs just right!  Even though he didn’t purchase a Corvette like he initially wanted, the team here at DMA was able to cater to him in ways no one else can! The experience was fun, unique to him, and enjoyable for all!

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